This was my entry for the js13kGames 2017, a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers where the file size limit is set to a maximum of 13 kb (13312 bytes) and no external libraries are allowed. The theme for 2017 was Lost.

The actual size of my game was 12.99 kb, or 13309 bytes to be precise (yes, just 3 bytes less than the limit :P) and it took me 77 hours and 23 min to complete.

Pandemia is a zombie survival shooter game with Minecraft inspired graphics where you have to come through hordes of zombies in order to deliver a vaccine to a safe zone and stop the infection, saving the human race. But wait, you are already infected, so you will start losing your humanity and with it, your senses. So be quick and accomplish your critical mission before it's too late and you become an undead.

Best experienced in Chrome. Controls: WASD, ZQSD and ARROWS to move. MOUSE to aim and shoot.