This was my entry for the Js13kGames 2014, a Javascript coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers where the file size limit is set to a maximum of 13 kilobytes (compressed and minified). The theme for 2014 was Elements, the final size of the package was 12793 bytes and it finished in the 73rd position of 129 participants.

Pariah is set in a world where the destiny of humanity it's on the hands of one man that was rejected by society, labeled as crazy and locked up into a dungeon for the rest of his days. But now, everybody is dead and you are the last man alive, so your missions is to escape from the dungeons, avoid the zombies and find the four elements to restore the humanity on earth.

This game was released under the figure of LudusPactum, with the valuable participation of Alexander Hass in the graphics and Fernando Larrañaga in the AI.

Tested on Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers must work too but it hasn't been tested.

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